Resources for Seniors

Seniors are always welcome at SBC and we try to do our best to help you participate in our times together. 


There are links below to some other resources that may help you and there are also ideas and prompts shared on our Facebook page. 


We’ll keep trying to add to our resources but will have things that we’ve not put online, so do get in touch, we’re always happy to talk with you.

Being a grandparent
This is a page all about being a grandparent
Open Being a grandparent

Resources for older people
Website for information and resources for older people.
Open Resources for older people

Living with Dementia and other disabilities
Resources for people living with Dementia and other disabilities.
Open Living with Dementia and other disabilities

Resources for people dealing with Bereavement.
Open Bereavement

Training/courses for bereavement.
Training/courses for bereavement.
Open Training/courses for bereavement.