Who's Who


Hello, I moved to Stapleford to be the Pastor of SBC in 2010. I became a Christian in my late teens and after working in industry, trained at Oakhill before taking up the role of assistant pastor of Surrey Chapel Norwich.

I am married to Catriona and we have three amazing children. I love pool, golf, walking the dog and telling people about Jesus.
Hello, I am a retired lawyer, married to a Singaporean, Kum-Kew, and we have two grown up daughters. I love walking in the countryside whenever I can spare the time. I have a passion for ministry with International students (Philip Project) and I work with a number of missionary societies.
Hello, I am married to Pauline. We have three children (Matt, Lydia and Isaac) who have all left home now and so we're suffering from empty nest syndrome! I have recently retired  for Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare as a senior manager..

I became a Christian in my early teens and came to Nottingham University and attended sbc, met Pauline and never left! I was called as an Elder in 1999.

Hello, until recenty I was an assistant professor at Nottingham University, specialising in pavements and roads. I am now retired.  I am married to Eunice and we have two grown up daughters. I like cycling and DIY. Fun fact is that we don’t own a car and that my students used to call me Gandalf.

I have been serving as an Elder for over 15 years helping principally with the preaching programme.
Hi, I am the newest Elder. I am married with three grown up children. I am an engineer by profession but currently work in a logistics role in the world's best engineering firm: Rolls-Royce. I became a Christian in my mid teens and have been part of a variety of churches but settled in SBC as the biblical teaching is good and fellowship is loving. Fun fact, all three of our children were home educated and survived.


Key Staff

Hello, I am the church Worker for the Seniors work. I lead a Monday group called Prime Time and co-lead Brain and Soul Boosting. I love working with our amazing Seniors, they have so much to offer in faith, prayer, and experience. There is real benefit from the fellowship we share together. Fun fact is that I've been on the "Maid of the Mist" at Niagara Falls.
Hello, I am employed part-time by the church to support the elders in various administrative ways. I help Sally with the Brain and Soul Boosting group. I am married with three grown up children. Fun fact is that my father was offered a TV and several live stock if he would grant my hand in marriage – fortunately he declined.

Hello, I am the church apprentice helping out at various groups in the church.  I also study with MMTC and I have a place to study medicine in the Autumn of 2020. A fun fact is that I have a ginger cat called Cabbage.
Hello, I support the children and young people in our church family. I am married to Phil (an accountant) and we enjoy crazy life with our two children. By day I am a secondary school teacher and by evening I help with the older Youth work and co-lead a Life Group. I have lived in far flung, exotic places such as Ukraine and Yorkshire but now spend my time surrounded by dinosaurs and laundry.