History of Stapleford Baptist Church

  Stapleford Baptist Church features on the on-line version of this years Heritage Open Days Weekend. Why not come along online and discover the heritage of Stapleford's fifth-oldest building - and its second-oldest still-open place of worship. Explore our building, hear about its heritage, discover the church's history and see historical documents!

Here is the link: https://poly.google.com/view/8SAXQml3vhb

It is often said that the Church is not a building, it is people. That is a very good thing, especially since the first meeting place of the fellowship in Stapleford in the 1850s was described as:

“...most inconvenient and uninviting, being a low-roofed, damp and miserable room... situated in a back alley and in the rear of a large factory. In rainy weather the water drips through onto the seats..."

The history of a local Church - a group of Christian believers - is the story of God’s work in and through His people through time in a particular place. Buildings will be involved but they are just the facilities that allow the people to meet to worship and pray together and from which they serve their community in a variety of ways. 

As a taster, please see the timeline of some of points of interest over the last 50 years, for Stapleford Baptist Church (a.k.a. The General Baptist Chapel, Stapleford). This time line will be developed.

We are fortunate to have a good archive of documents, minute books and photographs charting the life of the Church from its early days up until the present.  We plan to upload items of historic interest on this page.

If you are interested in doing more extensive research, you are very welcome to contact the Church Office.

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